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New Anschluss

What would happen if a new government was formed in Canada and decided to join Canada to the Russian Federation because Vladimir Putin has more power than Elizabeth of England? The entire United States would tremble, the newspapers and television would talk about nothing else. Although Canada is only 1/12 the weight of the United States. Most likely, before the Canadian government could sign this agreement, the commandos would have landed in Ottawa, Quebec would have declared its independence, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island would have proudly returned to the Crown, and Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia would have joined the United States. The CIA would have taken care of it.

Meanwhile, on November 8 (if Alexander Lukashenko he will not betray Vladimir Putin again, which is my sincere wish) Belarus (by weight: a quarter of Poland) will join the Russian Federation or the ZBiR (Union of Belarus and Russia) will actually be launched , soldiers of the Federation and the The President of France will appear in Brest and Grodno, he will finally resolve the problem of the rebel warlord who led him by the nose for 15 years, did not recognize the Anschluss of Crimea and put the pro-Russian presidential candidate in prison for 14 years!

Meanwhile, 95 percent Polish “politicians” (and probably journalists too?) know nothing about it, and if they do, they don’t care!! The PiS leaders know this, but it is Russian agents who have been pushing Alexander Lukashenko into the arms of Russia from the start. The Poles REALLY believe that Mr. Lukashenko he’s Russia’s henchman!!! After the annexation of Belarus, they will express their joy that the refugee problem is over (contrary to the regime’s propaganda, Russia has NOTHING to do with it), and the Russian press condemns or ridicules Bat’ka! ) and there will be no need to build a wall at the border…

Let’s be clear: most Austrians supported the Anschluss and the majority of Belarusians (maybe not like in Crimea…) also want to join Matushka Rassiei. It is difficult to refuse the Federation the right to join a brother, Orthodox, Russian-speaking country (only… the Poles speak Belarusian there!). I have never condemned Russia for what it has not done and I have no prejudice against Russia. Nevertheless, it was in Poland’s interest to maintain Alexander’s regime. Lukashenko, because I love Russia all the more because it is far from Poland… The Poles will calm down when Vladimir Putin, or some of his successors, demand an extraterritorial highway from Grodno to Königsberg. For example, the border between Poland and Lithuania. It’s only 104 km…

Super Report 18/10 (Guests: Krzysztof Bosak – Konfederacja and Prof. Antoni Dudek – political scientist, historian) The heart of the subject: Grzegorz Schetyna

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