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Lars Monsen (59) has almost become a household name in Norwegian homes. The popular presenter has been impressing and inspiring for several years with his spectacular tours.

We have seen him walking across Canada and on foot through Alaska, but especially on journeys criss-crossing our beloved kingdom of Norway.

Besides appearing on several different television programs over the years, he has also written books and has his own brand of clothing and equipment.

Monsen also has Sami roots and works in her own way to promote Sami culture.

In fact, Lars didn’t know his Sami ancestry until he found a photo of his grandfather in a Sami jacket.

When he investigated the matter further, it turned out that the grandfather was listed as a Sami speaker in the parish registers of Birtavarre in Kåfjord in Troms.

Photo: Erlend Aas/NTB

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On Wednesday of this week, Monsen shared a new post on Facebook with his supporters.

Lars Monsen in the Nordkalottfolket

He says he joined the Sami political party Nordkalottfolket:

– Today I joined the Nordkalottfolket! I am not aiming for the post of Speaker of the Sami Parliament and I will not be politically active, but do it because the representatives of the Nordkalott people have understood more than most, writes Lars on his own Facebook page, Femund Lodge.

Moreover, he continues:

– The Norwegian media, whether Dagbladet, Arbeidets Rett or Sagat, are terribly concerned with clickbait and conflict building, and spread a lot of one-sided and poor journalistic know-how.

Although he is not politically active, Lars writes that he will continue to work for the wonderful Sami culture in his own way.

– I use every chance I have to say that it’s cool to be Sami, writes Lars.

We encourage you Lars and wish you good luck!

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