Canada is working on asylum for locally employed Afghans


More than 40 Afghans who have worked for Canada have expressed a desire for asylum following the advance of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

A Canadian official said The Globe and Mail that work is being done quickly to process the refugee claims of Afghans who have worked for Canada in Afghanistan.

He said more than 40 people, who have worked as interpreters or in other positions, have expressed their wish to come to Canada after joining the Taliban.

Canada withdrew from Afghanistan seven years ago. Between 2001 and 2014, more than 40,000 Canadians served in the longest war in Canadian history.

Can apply again

In the past, Canada has brought home more than 800 Afghans who have worked for the country and their family members, writes the Globe and Mail.

This was done under the then applicable asylum instructions.

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Alexander Cohen, spokesperson for Canada’s immigration minister, told The Globe and Mail that those who were not granted asylum under the old rules can reapply under the current rules.

– We follow closely the evolution of security policy in Afghanistan, he said.

Individual treatment

The Canadian government has said it has the ability to process applications individually and there is no need for separate training for Afghans who have worked for Canada.

Jenny Kwan of the New Democratic Social Democratic Party is not happy with the Canadian government’s efforts for locally employed Afghans.

– To say that Canada will monitor the situation, which is the minister’s response, is to say that the country should stay on the sidelines and ensure that interpreters receive their death sentence, she said, according to The Globe and Mail.

She also believes that the reference to the individual treatment of applications is used as a “standard response to deal with public pressure”.

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