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– There, Dennis Hauger missed, it seems! I wonder if he could have hit the brick wall, Viasat’s Atle Gulbrandsen shouted when the Norwegian was back on the field after being at the depot to change tires just four laps into Sunday’s race.

The replay showed Hauger about to hit the low wall blocks that separate the depot exit and the field, and commentators were unable to determine if he actually had a small collision.

After the runner, Hauger himself confesses to NRK that he also thought it was going to go wrong.

– I thought I was going to hit the wall, writes the main character in an SMS.

– The tires were still cold and therefore very slippery. This is an important lesson, he adds.

Don’t take off

The result after Sunday in Saudi Arabia is Hauger’s first Formula 2 point, a chaos-free implementation similar to that offered yesterday and last weekend, and a climb up the rosters.

Nevertheless, the Norwegian does not take off in any way.

– It’s not a victory, but it’s good to finish without major problems, he wrote to NRK.

UPPTUR: Dennis Hauger, who came from a press session in Oslo earlier this year, left his mark on Sunday’s race.

Photo: Cicilie S. Andersen / Cicilie S. Andersen

– It was a heavy race on an ultra-fast track, but it was good to have a little rhythm and a lot of driving, continues the talent of the driver, who really left his mark on the race.

After ten laps, he took the lead, since he started with other types of tires than the competition. This meant he didn’t have to change tires as soon as the others and he took the opportunity to go all the way to the lead.

– His tires must be working absolutely fantastically, commented Viasat’s Henning Isdal as the Norwegian was still in the lead after a mid-race run, and Hauger kept lap times low.

– I’m so impressed, he added.

– Perfectly executed

Hauger continued to drive at lightning speed, and although most of the others had newer tyres, the 19-year-old passed the depot exit again and again, making no sign that he should. he too rides on the fastest tyres.

But after 22 of 27 laps, the 19-year-old opted to switch to soft tyres, and although the tire change was successful, he gave up plenty of seats.

The mentioned near-miss on the way out of the depot also didn’t work in his favor, but he maintained a solid ride and had to work his way up to sixth place.

– Race perfectly finished, summarizes Isdal.

The Norwegian started in tenth position, finished number six and included his first eight points in the summary.

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