Change parts of the story

Rødt frontman Bjørnar Moxnes has been in a media storm since Friday evening, when news broke that he was caught stealing a pair of sunglasses in Gardermoen two weeks ago.

For this he was fined NOK 3,000.

Sitting on grace

On Saturday morning, he apologized at a press conference in central Oslo and stressed that the whole story had now been told – after receiving widespread criticism for not putting all the cards on the table. ‘a blow.

saturday evening writing VG that the party leader has once again changed parts of the explanation.

- Panic

– Panic

Avisa relies on information that Moxnes did not immediately abandon his glasses when approached by a security guard.

After being confronted with the information, the Red Leader changes the details of the story.

- Leave the glasses in your luggage

– Leave the glasses in your luggage

He no longer knows when he gave up the glasses and went with the security guard to another room before paying for them in the store, the newspaper writes.

Earlier on Saturday, the party leader said he ditched his glasses when confronted by a security guard at the airport.

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