Consumer, Cultural | Netflix has had enough: announces new high fees for customers

(The online newspaper): There was a storm around the company over the New Year after it announced a major tightening of password sharing.

Some have gone so far as to predict that this will mean the death of the company, but that doesn’t stop Netflix.

Last week, Netflix introduced a new system that charges “additional members” fees when members outside of a household use the same ID.

The increased fee of NOK 40-80 per month, depending on the country, is now imposed on Netflix users in several countries, according to

The first are Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. The United States is expected to be the next country to visit, as the plan is to deploy the changes on a broad basis, that is to say to the rest of the world, in the months to come.

This means that the changes will probably soon also apply to Norwegian Netflix customers.

Tired of “free passengers”

Netflix is ​​so sick of 100,000 people using the streaming service without paying for it – and they’re now dealing with it very harshly.

Netflix has already tested increasing payouts in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

– It can kill the business

“PC Hax with Max” from Tik Tok is among those who have taken a hard line with the giant:

– Netflix just told us about the new password changes, and they suck. It could kill the business, he says.

– You connect to the main TV first, then the network the TV is connected to will be your home network. If you don’t, Netflix will automatically establish a network based on your IP address. Every device you want to watch Netflix on must be connected to your home network, he said.

– Then you have to log in every month. If you’re traveling, you can get a code that grants access to Netflix for seven days.

– Netflix has been down for a long time, and I sincerely believe that this invention can crush themhe says here.

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