Curling – World Cup: Canada and Sweden are already in the play-offs

The sixth day of competition for the championship is behind us, which brings us closer to the fight for the medals. The Canadians and Swedes are still at the top of the standings, having already secured a playoff berth.

Photo session 15.

We started the morning fight in full swing, as the matches were played on four tracks. From the start, we focused our attention on Rink A, where the United States faced Canada, who were definitely the favorites. In the end, however, the hosts proved stronger and, dominating from the very first end, they beat their neighbors with the score of 10:6. The competition on the nearby track, where the Norwegians faced the Danes , ended with the same result. Although the latter led 3:2 after three ends, the entire game belonged to the Scandinavians, who ended it after the ninth end. The game between Italy and Switzerland ended early. We didn’t have such powerful scores here, as the teams successively scored one point each. In the end, the Italian team players proved better, leading 5-3 after the ninth end. However, they didn’t come off the ice with such a result, because in the last Swiss match, they ran out of time to use the remaining stone and they automatically lost. The fiercest competition was between the Dutch and second-placed Scots. The teams swapped their lead and after the ninth end Scotland were leading 4:3. The Netherlands, however, did not give up and, scoring two “eyes” in the last end, won with the score 5: 4.

Photo session 16.

The most balanced competition that day was between Korea and Switzerland, where the teams took turns to score successive points. In the end, the Swiss scored more “points” and defeated their rivals with the score 9:7. The game between Germany and Norway also started to equalize, which led to a draw 6 : 6 after the seventh end. And although it seemed that the Scandinavians had a better chance, their opponent surprised and gradually winning the following games, the Germans won 10:6. The other two games ended after the eighth game, and from the start, we were able to determine the winners. The Czechs beat the Finns 10-4, weakened by the coronavirus in the national team, and the Swedes left the meeting with the Scots at the score of 8-2.

Photo session 17.

During the evening session we also witnessed great games. The Canadians solidified at the top of the table, virtually eliminating the Koreans. With just four massive finals won, they ended the competition after game six with a 10:2 victory. We also saw a similar distribution of power in the Danes’ game, who beat the Dutch 7:2. victory was also won by the Swedes, who this time said goodbye to the hosts with the score 5: 3. The most equal match took place on the D track, where the Italians faced the Czechs. Fierce competition led to a 5:5 draw after the final game and an extra set. The Italians played better and they left the ice with a 6:5 victory.

The results of the sixth day of competition:

Photo session 15.

USA-Canada 10:6

Norway – Denmark 10:6

Italy v Switzerland 5:3

Netherlands v Scotland 5:4

Photo session 16.

Czech Republic – Finland 10:4

Germany – Norway 10:6

Sweden – Scotland 8:2

Switzerland – Korea 9:7

Photo shoot 17.

Denmark – Netherlands 7:2

Sweden – USA 5:3

Canada – Korea 10:2

Italy – Czech Republic 6:5

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