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Published: 2022-06-10 — 14.16 (Updated: 2022-06-16 — 09.50)

The case has been updated with information on conflicts of interest

Doctors at Øya Medical Center are concerned about the poor functioning of the medical center, report No radio.

Øya Medical Center has been using the health platform as a patient record system for a month. Together with Legevakten in Trondheim, they are the first medical practice to adopt the new patient file system in the country.

“It makes us all concerned about patient safety”

In their report of concern to the state administrator, doctors and health secretaries at Øya Medical Center write that the health platform as a system presents major challenges that pose a high risk of errors. , a lack of information flow and overview of patients, and that this results in a significantly reduced workflow.

They describe this as meaning they are unable to serve the patients on their lists in a professional manner.

“We are all concerned about patient safety,” the letter says, in which the medical center also says it has demanded to return to its old registration system until the health platform is sufficiently functional so that it can be used for normal purposes. clinical operations.

The request was refused by the health director of the municipality of Trondheim.

“Extremely Heavy”

In Midt-Nytt on Wednesday said the doctors at the Trondheim emergency department that they internally call the health rig the “hell rig” because they perceive the system to be extremely cumbersome.

Among other things, it takes 36 keystrokes to register that you gave a paracetamol tablet to a patient, they claim.

It is this circumstance which, according to the doctors, affects the patients of the Øya Medical Center.

No information was lost and no information went astray.

Nina Kongshaug

– Doctors also have a responsibility

– We understand that this is a demanding transition, but we as doctors also have a responsibility to keep people safe and to say that we will receive immediate help and treat patients regardless of the computer system and even if a computer system is in the running-in phase, explains Nina Kongshaug, oncologist and director of medicine and analyzes at the Health Platform.

Kongshaug tells Dagens Medisin that they have been in contact with the state administrator and it has been assessed that this does not go beyond good practice or patient safety.

– In this sense, it was also concluded that no guardianship file will be constituted on the basis of this, she argues, but underlines:

– It’s completely understandable that a new and complex system would cause frustration and a bit more loot and burden for individual doctors in the emergency room at first, but we as a community have also the responsibility to look and see that it is for the patients that we do this. This will help ensure that we get a better and more consistent health service when we are fully operational.

“More complicated than what we are used to”

Nina Kongshaug points out that the Health Platform is more complicated than usual because it is a joint system.

– There is a lot of information that is presented in a work surface, but we also help those who want to adapt the work surface with favorites and simplifications for the tasks you do often. Those who had the opportunity to practice a lot in advance probably got into it more quickly than those who do few busy shifts in the emergency room, she believes.

Many of the errors reported are due to a lack of experience and overview of the new system, says Kongshaug.

– And it’s planned. There have also been a number of technical challenges, both with us and with our partners, and we have resolved these continuously. In addition, it takes a lot of training to make things better and better. This applies to the introduction of all new systems.

“It takes less than ten seconds”

– The fact that copies of lab responses end up in an inbox you can’t find is probably not completely unknown before either. We have responded concretely, no information has been lost, no information has gone astray. Messages are sent and epic crises emerge, says Kongshaug.

– It takes less than ten seconds to prescribe a medicine to those who have learned the solution. We also documented it so everyone could see it at the same time, instead of nurses and others having to search for the paper documentation afterwards, she continues.

The health platform recognizes that it is difficult to learn a new system with a lot of information in a busy work day.

– There are also clearly areas that need improvement, and we are adjusting a lot on an ongoing basis based on constructive feedback. We want the same thing, a useful tool and for the individual therapist to have the information they need to treat the patient in the best possible way, summarizes Nina Kongshaug.

Medicine today and NOTohrsk Health Informatics (NHI) is organized under the same administrative leadership. NHI has entered into an agreement with the Health Platform regarding the delivery of the Norwegian Electronic Medical Manual (NEL) to all users of the Health Platform.

Conflict of interest: Realf Ording Helgesen, one of the emergency room doctors who is cited to disclose about the Health Platform, tells Dagens Medisin that he is the owner and chairman of the board of the company Overhalla IT, which provides IT hardware and consulting services to private companies and small businesses, including including medical offices. The company is not a reseller or supplier of recording systems or medical-technical equipment, says Helgesen. The company writes for its part that it offers enterprise solutions in the cloud for medical practices and IT packages, among others.

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