Explosion caused – Crashed while drunk

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): The woman was under the influence of alcohol when she returned home from a Marilyn Manson concert at Budweiser Gardens on August 14, 2019.

In a neighborhood of London, Ontario, Canada, things have gone wrong. She reportedly first drove in the wrong direction on Queens Avenue before crashing into a house on Woodman Avenue. The collision caused the house’s gas line to shut off. The ensuing explosion caused massive destruction in the peaceful neighborhood.

Now the woman and her father, who owned the car she was driving, have sued the company that provided food and drink to the Budweiser Gardens concert venue. They believe the company has a liability because they served the woman alcohol, report Radio Canada.

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violent explosion

In a statement, the 26-year-old says Ovation Ontario Food Services, which served food and beverages during the concert, also has liability in civil lawsuits for victims after the explosion. The woman and her father will face six lawsuits from the victims.

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The woman pleaded guilty to four counts for the incident in the criminal case in October 2020. In February 2021, she was sentenced to three years in prison.

The 26-year-old had attended a Marilyn Manson concert when things went wrong in August 2019.

Rescue teams managed to get her out of the car after the collision. They also cleared the area of ​​people after discovering the gas leak.

Fifteen minutes after the collision, the house exploded. Another house also caught fire. The violent explosion sent the wreckage 200 meters away.

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She has the most dangerous job in the world

Huge damage

Nobody died, but four houses were destroyed and seven people were injured. Among the injured were two police officers and two firefighters, writes New York Post.

The damage was estimated between 9.8 million (98 million crowns) and 14.7 million dollars (about 147 million crowns), writes The Independent.

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According to the statement of the woman and her father, who owned the car she was driving, Ovation Ontario Food Services is also responsible. Both claim, according to the lawsuit, that:

  • Company employees served alcohol to the woman “even though they knew, or should have known, that she was drunk or wanted to be drunk”.
  • That the company didn’t have well-trained doormen who could track how drunk people were as they left the concert hall.
  • That the company failed to verify what means of transportation she planned to use when she left Budweser Gardens when she should have known she was or appeared to be intoxicated.
  • Company employees threw the woman off the premises without doing anything to ensure that she would not drive home.
  • The woman and her father believe the company must contribute financially if the two are required to pay anything in the ongoing lawsuits.

Ovation Ontario Food Services has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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