Had to leave “71 degrees north – team”:

The competition really intensified in this year’s ’71 Degrees North – Team’, and on Sunday the stage was finally set for a very tough and nerve-wracking semi-final.

The three teams that had to fight for the last two places were the “Jegertvillingen” – Kristine and Johanne Thybo Hansen (31), Rikke Isaksen (28) and Frank Løke (43), and hockey boys Martin Ylven (34) and Anders Myrvold (47).

Strenuous race

Participants were first sent on a packraft stage, before each had to carry their own pack up a steep climb. The women weighed 30 kilos, while the men weighed 50 kilos. In the end, it was all decided in a map and compass task, where participants had to navigate to a specific point on a map.

The three teams struggled for a long time, but suddenly things relaxed for the twins, who thus obtained their first ticket to the final. Shortly after, Isaksen and Løke also arrived at the correct answer – and thus it is the two teams that will fight for the given victory.

The hockey players, meanwhile, had to settle for third place.

Emotional goodbye

It was emotional when the gang of “71 degrees north – team” said goodbye to Myrvold and Ylven in the semi-finals. Especially between Ylven and Isaksen, who throughout the season had a good tone.

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