Hunting in Newland | CANADA – Expansion of the French-speaking mobility program

June 23, 2023

The Government of Canada announced an expansion of French-speaking mobility program (FMP) for a period of two years. The FMP is an initiative aimed at increasing the number of French-speaking nationals seeking work and residency in Canada.

The expansion of the program allows Canadian employers to make job offers to foreign individuals who can demonstrate moderate mastery of the French language in fields excluding agriculture. The FMP was originally designed for temporary workers, although workers who travel to Canada under the FMP can apply this work experience to applications for permanent residence.

To be eligible for the Francophone Mobility Program, individuals must demonstrate moderate mastery of French in both oral comprehension and oral expression. This is equivalent to a level 5 language requirement. Applicants must provide proof that they meet these criteria by means of documents including a French assessment test or the French proficiency test, a diploma or degree from a French college or university, or a document confirming studies in a French-speaking establishment.

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