I went to the toilet-blister at the in-laws

Kennedy Calwell (26) from Vancouver in Canada was due to meet his girlfriend’s family for the very first time.

As if meeting her in-laws wasn’t scary enough, something happened that really set Kennedy’s nerves on edge.

Had to poop

According to the Jam Press news agency, the 26-year-old had flown to Toronto on an errand to meet her in-laws with her boyfriend Nick.

During her visit, she had to poop.

When she was done, she realized she couldn’t drag herself to the bathroom.

– At first I thought it wasn’t a big deal, and I could fix it by opening the crowbar lid and pulling the handle a little, she said.

But nothing worked out as Kennedy had planned.

– I didn’t worry until I realized I wasn’t going to be able to fix it. Then I had a milder panic, she continues.

– I was shocked

Things would soon go from bad to worse.

– When I was going to put the lid back on the toilet, I managed to knock it off – and it broke into several pieces.

Kennedy says she stood up and looked at the chaos.

– I was shocked for a few minutes, before realizing that I had found myself in a truly embarrassing, embarrassing and insane situation.

Then she decided to do a panicked TikTok about it.

– His parents weren’t home when it happened. My boyfriend was on the first floor, while it happened in the basement. So nobody heard anything.

– How embarrassing!

But Kennedy soon realized she had to tell her boyfriend, Nick, what happened. After all, there was no other way out of the predicament.

– I had no window to get out of, no pets or small children to blame, and no way to get out of the house without my boyfriend seeing me, she said.

In a TikTok Video which has been seen by 2.8 million people, it describes the course of the emergency and shows the broken remains of the toilet.

– Not only do I have to tell my boyfriend and his family that there’s a poo in the toilet, but that my poo destroyed the doe. It’s so embarrassing, she said.

called the parents

The 26-year-old says his girlfriend had a good laugh when he heard what had happened and called her parents to tell them about the broken toilet.

– He didn’t mention the poo, Kennedy said.

Fortunately, Nick’s parents have four sons. Kennedy says they are used to things being destroyed around the house.

– Two of Nick’s brothers have already seen my TikTok video and called him and asked about the incident. They think it’s funny, but now I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before the parents find out it was me!

Many reactions

In the comments section below the video, it completely takes off.

– Important question: do you have a big window you can go out through? Write one.

Another writes:

– Either you will be the woman he will marry, or this will be the story he will tell his wife every Christmas. There is no other option.

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A third thinks Kennedy should ask his girlfriend to take the blame:

– If he doesn’t, he’s not the man for you!

– Room!

Others have more dramatic suggestions:

– Run away from the house and never talk to them again!, writes one.

– I moved there. Would never have come out again, writes another.

Fortunately, Kennedy himself managed to see the humor in the situation:

– I think it’s funny, and I’m very happy that it worked. But I’m a little embarrassed that 2.5 million people heard the story of my poo, she said.

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