Invisibility Cloak, Technology | A Canadian company has developed a real “cloak of invisibility”

Harry Potter first wore his invisibility cloak in the late 90s. Many have probably dreamed of owning something similar, and now invisibility cloaks aren’t just for wizards anymore.

The Canadian company Hyperstealth, which designs camouflage, has developed Quantum Stealth – a kind of real invisibility cloak, which should be able to hide tanks and even entire military troops.

The material should be paper thin, written among other things The Telegraph (for subscribers), and consists of lenses that cause light to bend around an object, so it seemingly almost disappears. Only the background appears. The material must also be able to bend both ultraviolet and infrared light.

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An excerpt from a video made by the Canadian company shows a man walking behind a kind of screen installed in front of a wall. As it is behind the screen, we hardly see anything moving, otherwise we only see the wall in the background. Another clip shows a small plaque in front of what looks like a mini lawn. As the camera moves across the plate, you will see three toy cars standing on the lawn.

It sounds pretty amazing, but it should still be relatively simple and also affordable.

IFL Sciences explains that every material has an index of refraction, which says a lot about the material’s ability to conduct light. For example, you can put a spoon in a glass of water and see that it looks bent when you look through the glass. Similarly, a swimming pool appears shallower than it is, because as light travels through two materials, the angle changes depending on the index of refraction. Knowing this can in turn allow you to build a material that hides something that is either very close to it or very far away from it.

According to the website, this should be the same as when you create images that look 3D when viewed from the correct angle.

The material will therefore not be able to provide a full-fledged invisibility cloak. The object to be masked will not appear and the colors will only be affected by the background, not the masked object. However, the background will be distorted, so you will see that it is Something the.

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