– It was a waterfall – NRK Culture and entertainment

Head of delegation Stig Karlsen now denies that the TIX artist is the correct identity behind the astronaut.

Was it a waterfall?

We all love the circus and Andreas wanted to join us, so we had to play around a bit. I can confirm that TIX is not the astronaut.

It was expected ?

It was relatively spontaneous. We wanted to make noise and contribute to the pop circus.

Subwoofer will take part in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow.

Photo: Andres Putting / EBU

NRK Nyheter fell into the trap

NRK Kultur og underholdning editor-in-chief Marianne Ytre-Eide says they were cheated.

– Here we were brought to ride. We thought Tix was revealed as the astronaut. Our journalists from NRK nyheter are treated the same as other media and we reacted in a journalistic way. In retrospect, we got neither Tix nor the communications department to confirm or deny. We received a press release at the same time as everyone now, she said.

Today it was also announced that TIX will distribute the votes of the Norwegian jury to the ESC on Saturday.

– Maybe I’m more nervous about this than the performance at Eurovision last year. It’s a live broadcast for 200 million people we’re talking about, and it’s a very serious setting, so I really appreciate the trust, says TIX.

– Can you tell us who the astronaut is?

– It’s not me, so we eliminated one out of 8 billion people, TIX told NRK.

Many theories

There has long been speculation about who is behind the Subwoofer Masks.

The president of Norwegian club “MGP”, Morten Thomassen, previously told NRK that he thought it was wise of Subwoofer to remain anonymous.

– They created a concept that I think they should implement. It’s not “Maskorama” where they have to remove the masks.

– And if they win, they can choose to make a gimmick out of it where they tear off their masks.

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