Jens Stoltenberg warns Norway against free trade with China

– I in no way expect China to be declared an enemy. Nor is there anyone who wants to isolate or boycott. But China is important for our security. It is an authoritarian country that oppresses its people and builds great military capabilities, including long-range nuclear missiles. And they are pushing other countries, in their own region, but also Australia and Canada, like they did against Norway after the peace prize, Stoltenberg tells TB.

The Secretary-General asserts that free trade does not necessarily lead to freedom, but leads to dependence on individual goods, leads to the sharing of advanced technologies and other problems.

– Countries organize trade with China in different ways. But both in free trade agreements and in other economic cooperation with China, the consequences of security policy must be taken into account.

Ask for stronger links

In the interview, he also says that one should be prepared for the fact that the war between Ukraine and Russia will last for a long time and will inflict a lot of suffering on Ukraine for a long time. A month ago Stoltenberg said Ukraine could win the war.

Ahead of the NATO summit in Madrid later in June, the Secretary General also called for stronger NATO and stronger bonds, making it harder for willing leaders and others in the to build.

– If you are concerned that leaders will be elected in the United States or other countries who oppose this cooperation, you must strengthen it so that it too faces adversity and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

– Ukraine should have more heavy weapons

Western countries should send Ukraine heavier weapons so they can fight off the Russian offensive in the east of the country, Stoltenberg said.

– Yes, Ukraine should have more heavy weapons, he said at a press conference in The Hague on Tuesday evening.

It took place after the NATO chief met with leaders from several NATO countries, including Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

Stoltenberg says in a statement that they discussed, among other things, the need to invest more in the defense of NATO countries, as well as the need for a more “robust” and “combat-ready” presence.

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