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– This is a unique opportunity for a passionate content producer who can stay at our boutique hotel for a month, flight, rental car and spending money included, says the Director of Sales and Marketing of the Shari Sield hotel, based in the United Arab Emirates. online news The National.

Boardwalk Boutique Hotel is located on the Caribbean island state of Aruba, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, just north of Venezuela.

The island is known for its endless sandy beaches, tropical climate, luxury hotels and crystal clear waters.

Sound tempting? The hotel is now looking for someone who can stay at the hotel for at least one month free of charge, including flights and spending money. In exchange for this, you will create social media content for the hotel.

– Huge success

Last year it was Tess Gerdemann who had the job which she herself said was to spend 4 weeks “grilling fish on the balcony, reading books in the hammock, doing yoga and listening to the birds”.

– Last year’s collaboration with Tess was a huge success and we received extremely positive feedback from guests and subscribers. We’re excited to see what this year’s content producer will come up with to showcase our hotel and island, Sield told the newspaper. DailyMirror.

Gerdemann herself says she had no particular expectations for the position, but was trying to “go with the flow.” She also had several surprises while living and working on the island.

– Although the Caribbean is as far from the Netherlands as possible, it surprised me how “Dutch” Aruba is. And many speak several languages! People kept asking me which language I preferred and it’s crazy! Plus, the people of Aruba are incredibly friendly and there’s no anti-tourist vibe there. This makes Aruba an ideal destination, she says.

Registration deadline

The deadline to apply for the job is June 30. The choice of position will be revealed in August and the trip itself will take place in the fall.

To be assessed, you must, among other things, complete a form formwrite a cover letter and show off the kind of content you’ve previously created for social media.

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