Message from NRK about Lars Monsen

Nature man Lars Monsen (60) has been impressing the Norwegian people with his spectacular excursions for several years.

In the wilderness, he filmed his travels, often alone or only in the company of his dogs.

Since the first seriesacross Canada» was broadcast on NRK in 2005, he has continued to impress and inspire in new television programs.

There are probably few as unifying as Monsen, who makes television programs that captivate all ages and different types of people.

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Lars Monsen
Photo: John Rivers/NRK

The last time we saw Monsen on the television screen was in the fourth season of “With Monsen lost» which was broadcast last year.

The season made us smile and shed a tear or two.

And for those wondering if Lars will be seen on screen again anytime soon, you’ll probably have to wait a little longer.

Message from NRK about Lars Monsen

Because there is nothing in planning or production for Monsen programs at this time. NRK confirms this to Newsner.

But it doesn’t seem entirely inconceivable that we could eventually expect something new.

– At the moment there is nothing planned or in production for the Monsen programs, you usually have to wait a few years between these series, the channel writes to Newsner in an e-mail.

Lars MonsenLars Monsen
Photo: Geir Evensen/NRK

We can’t wait and wait with excitement for the next time we see Monsen on the television screen. Feel free to share this article on Facebook if you agree.

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