Meta restricts access to news on Facebook and Instagram in Canada

News shared on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram companies will be closed to Canadian users over the coming weeks. New law requires Meta to pay for information.

Technology company Meta is discontinuing news content from Facebook and Instagram services in Canada.

In a statement from Meta, it is stated that the process of shutting down news content is underway to comply with the orders of a new Canadian law. Canadian users will gradually feel the effects over the coming weeks.

The new law requires big tech companies to pay for the information they provide. The reform will come into full force in December this year.

– The law is based on the erroneous assumption that Meta inappropriately relies on information shared on our platforms. It’s the opposite, writes Meta in a comment. The company adds that the only way to comply with the law is to interrupt its provision of information to Canadian residents.

Meta says that Canadians will be able, as before, to use other services offered by Facebook and Instagram. But links and content broadcast by publishers and international news channels will be blocked in Canada.


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