Norgescup Traktorland Enduro – the perfect bike atmosphere!

Organizer Hadeland CK and Traktorland Enduro at Hov i Land had opened for optional training on Friday afternoon and announced the race’s six speed stages (tracks) at 3 p.m.
50% of athletes are in specific classes at the age of 11-16, and 50% other athletes in junior, master and tour classes called Open class 17+, Funduro and El-duro. Friday evening was dedicated to a super nice and dry training on demanding trails, with a view of the Randsfjorden. Fantastic work on the track from the organisers, the athletes love it here.

How is an enduro outing?

Enduro as a form of competition consists of 3-6 speed stages with timing. It can be similar to the descent, but has sections with more walking and a rougher path which is usually done by hand as they are far into the forest.
To get to the start, riders must ride a bike or climb a transport stage. The transport leg does not count towards the timing, but you must arrive at the start within a time slot. Athletes wear a full-face or trail helmet, and have back and knee protectors in addition to gloves. Enduro is a fairly new sport, although it is primarily and usually track cycling. The concept of competition can thus be compared to a car rally, where you have speed stages where the competition time is measured, and transport stages where you have deadlines to meet to arrive at the start. Enduro cycling is mostly downhill on steep terrain, with elements of pedal sections. In a day with six steps you get approx. 40 km by bike, of which approx. 30 min of competition time when speed steps are added together.
The organizer can organize a training day before the day of the race, or let the race take place “blind”. “Blind” means that the race organizer clears the tracks so close to the race that the athletes do not have the time or opportunity to do a lap or inspection of the tracks before the day of the competition.

Norgescup Enduro – the ride

Saturday morning, all runners were ready to hit the trails. After a rainy night, the six runs were smooth and challenging. However, this was less of a problem for the participants, who completed the courses very well, and without serious injuries. That said, a lot of pedaling during the speed stages gives the body an interval effect, and the long transport stages require good pump, technique and a dose of courage.
During the day the sun also came out and there was a fantastic atmosphere among the participants and the public. It turned out to be a real motorbike-tractor race, as the final stage started in the barn deck of race manager and farm owner Peter Lomsdalen’s farm, around the audience area and fought her way to the finish line 10 meters the width of the Randsfjord.
Young participants from Rye, Nittedal, Aron and Hadeland applauded their knowledge among juniors, seniors and masters, with the ghetto blaster at full power. It was an unforgettable and fun end to the ride!

William Scheele direct from EWS in the USA to Traktorland Enduro

There were several strong performances during the weekend outings. Notably 21-year-old William Scheele of SK Rye, who again this year took 1st place in the senior men’s class, 2.34 minutes ahead of his club colleague in 2nd place, Jens Bergmann. Jonas Olsson, also from SK Rye, took 3rd place 2.35 minutes behind Scheele! William came straight from EWS racing in the USA/Canada and is a good role model for the youngsters with his top 10 performances in the Pro U21 class.

Drangedølen, Aron SK’s Anette Røssum Bastnes, again won the senior women’s event, 2 minutes ahead of Eidanger IL’s Lene Pettersen and 2.16 minutes ahead of SK Rye’s Anna Littorin-Sandbu, who made her first race after broke his arm this spring.
There are few women, but they are tough in their riding, so you can understand that the branch takes a little longer to recruit more ladies who like to ride. In any case, there is nothing to say about inspiration and mood, women like to ride together and look forward to the finish line to embark on the next stage of transport together. Women in Master class, Open class, El-duro (electric cyclists) and Funduro (4 stages) are also included in the informal starting field, good cycling experiences for fast and “touring” participants. Anette is also in the process of rounding up girls on bike trails in the StorOslo area, and has an active group of 860 women that she (along with more) is following with various ride offers.

Anette Bastnes commented on her Instagram after the race:
“The Norwegian Cup Traktorland Enduro was demanding on the wet roads, but the surrounding trails, people and surroundings made it a party!”

Juniors have a good range among Norwegian cycling clubs, which may signal growth across the country.

Kristiansand rider Jonas Oudalstøl set the fastest time in five of the six stages, and although he really missed the third stage in speed he won the overall ahead of Molde CK’s Sindre Sollund and third place Vetle G Borthne of the oldest in Norway. cycling club, Trondhjems Velocipedklub.

Unfortunately, we had no girls in the class on this trip.

13 Men’s Masters 35+ from nine clubs – a battle for top spot
The fight for the podium places was tight, and only 1 hundredth separated the winner Arild H. Johnsen from Siggerud IL and Anders Samnøy from Aron SK in the end. Not only that, 3rd place Sindre Ødemark from Romeriksåsen SK was the best in five stages. But that’s how enduroriting can be, on the 4th speed stage a puncture or a crash can happen – and for Sindre he lost his lead by almost a minute to the best man in the race. stage, and was therefore in 3rd place after the six stages, 9 hundredths behind Arild.

In the age classes, the four young riders aged 13-14 from Lillehammer CK and Sofie from Mjøndalen in the 11-12 year old class offered big smiles to the organizer and other club officials. There are plenty of girls out there riding fast and plenty on the trails, but a few have so far taken the plunge by going on rides. We hope other girls will be inspired, they deserve extra cheers!

About 50% of the participants are between 11 and 16 years old and create a lot of life with their unity, their drive and their ambitions – but also all those they bring with them, parents, siblings, grandparents and friends as than public. These courses have created a wonderful atmosphere in enduro racing, also for adult participants.

Young people run 4-5 stages. There is a good mix of clubs, and they come from Kristiansand and Hafrsfjord (near Stavanger) to compete in the few youth-only enduro races in Norway.

A total of 20 boys and 4 girls from the 13-14 year old class had made the rather demanding field trip to Hov i Land, and they put in a lot of effort! Girls aged 15-16 were conspicuous this time by their absence from class. But there was some good riding in the boys 15-16 where the top 4 over several speed stages tied with some of the top men in the juniors and seniors.
It is a good omen for the future to see the mastery, the technicality and the will to evolve among the young people!

Hadeland CK and Peter Lomsdalen from Traktor Bike Park, owner of the farm and ride, were very pleased with the event and happy that so many people participated and created a great atmosphere. Many volunteer hours have been spent preparing and building new forest trails and preparing the course.

We at NCF thank you very much for your hard work as organizers of this year’s Norgescup Enduro in Traktorland!

Results, more photos and generous driving atmosphere on Facebook: @TraktorlandEnduro

Photo: Pal Westgaard
Top photo: Anette Røssum Bastnes

Published on 09/15/2022

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