Norway Shocks Canada at World Championships – Canada Reacts:

  • Canada – Norway 2-3 after penalties

Norway beat Canada in ice hockey. Yes, you read that right. Norway beat Canada at the World Cup of Hockey.

– It’s a hockey feat. It’s a wonderful day for Norwegian hockey, says Viaplay’s Jørgen Klem – considering it’s been 23 years since we last beat Canada.

Canada last won the World Championship in 2021 and has a total of 27 World Championship gold medals. Before the match, Norway had around 20 odds to win the match.

– I’m really angry with the referee. They are trying to take away the victory from us today. We have shown in six matches that we can play equally against the whole world, Norwegian national team manager Tobias Johansson told Viaplay.

The Norwegian boys delivered a near-flawless hockey game in their penultimate match of the World Cup. Former NHL star Andreas Martinsen gave Norway the lead halfway through the first period, before Sondre Olden doubled it two minutes into the second period.

– Norway has clearly been the best for twenty minutes. Wonderful period for Norway, summed up Viaplay expert Alexander Bonsaksen after the first half.

Expert: – Nobody cares

Steven Ellis, writer for the hockey website Daily Faceoff, told Dagbladet that very few people in Canada care about the national team playing at the World Championships. He points out that the biggest stars don’t prioritize the championship in the middle of the NHL season.

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