Norwegian Film Institute: – Withdrew in protest

The Norwegian Film Institute, Norway’s most important film policy body, is withdrawing from the Amanda Committee in protest. He brings back NRK.

They think Amanda is “a technological development ridiculous” by not streaming movies.

In order to be nominated for this award, the film must have been shown in ten of the biggest cinemas in at least two of the biggest Norwegian cities.

This means that Norwegian films such as the Netflix film “Troll” and the Viaplay film “Gulltransporten” do not have the possibility of being nominated.

NRK writes that the director of the Norwegian Film Institute, Kjersti Mo, sent a letter to Amanda, in which she wrote that it would not be appropriate to be a member of a “committee with a narrower objective”.

– We want to promote Norwegian cinema regardless of the platform. We believe that the argument of the Amanda committee is a parody of the technological development we have seen in recent years, director of the film institute, Kjersti Mo, told NRK.

The Norwegian Film Institute is currently considering how it will handle the award and says it will also consider whether it will continue to support Amanda financially.

WILL DISCUSS: Tonje Hardersen of the Amanda Committee says they will discuss the regulations in September. Picture from: NTB
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Not recognized

Amanda committee chair Tonje Hardersen told NRK that she did not acknowledge that there had been any discussion of the regulations at their meetings.


– I think it would have been more fruitful if they participated in the evaluation work after this year’s awards ceremony, together with the rest of the committee, she told NRK.

Asked about the film institute’s suggestion that the Amanda committee ridicules technological development, Hardersen replied to NRK as follows:

– It is a description in which we do not recognize ourselves.

The Amanda Prize is awarded annually at the Haugesund Film Festival.

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