Not overthrown by the conservative wave: – Norway is becoming redder

Rødt’s new leader saved the party from a lost leadership crisis during the election campaign. But Marie Sneve Martinussen does not know if she will stay in her post.


She was appointed leader of Rødt at the start of the election campaign and the party has regressed a bit since the last municipal elections. But after a few words of consolation addressed to party comrades swept away by the Høyre wave, Marie Sneve Martinussen is full of courage.

– Our project was to extend the party to several municipalities and to become a national party. If the numbers are correct, then we have succeeded, Martinussen tells VG.

– Will Norway become redder after these elections?

Before answering, Martinussen calls the secretariat’s number specialists into the back room to get the latest news.

– Yes, we will probably have more politicians from Rødt than ever before and will be present in many new municipal councils. So if the numbers continue, it looks like Norway will become redder, Martinussen believes.

– Not optimal

Among other things, she hopes to get the mayor of Rødt in Kragerø.

– And in my home municipality, Sør-Varanger, we are doing very well, she said with pride.

But a national election result of just under 4 percent is far lower than last winter’s opinion poll results.

After then-party leader Bjørnar Moxnes publicly stood up and admitted to stealing a pair of sunglasses from Gardermoen, support quickly plummeted. The election campaign began with around 4% support and will likely end with much lower support.

Is it Bjørnar Moxnes’ fault if Rødt is not doing better today?

– It is impossible for me to guess. During my travels in Norway, I heard a lot of people talking about their financial difficulties, and very little about Moxnes. But a change of party leader seven weeks before the elections is not optimal.

– Relieved not to have fallen

– For now, I’m just relieved that I didn’t have any problems, said Sneve after several weeks of intense election campaigning.

She has been praised for her lively televised debates and clear policies in the run-up to the election.

– How nice. I’m like most red politicians and I’m not very good at speaking, but maybe that’s why I also have clear and lucid language.

– First date

She was named party leader this summer, but must be elected by the National Assembly to remain in office.

– Do you want to become party leader?

– When I took office, I had little time to solve a difficult and important task for Rødt. And then I didn’t spend any calories thinking about what will happen after this election. This is a very big task.

– But it added flavor?

– I have been party leader for fifteen minutes. You shouldn’t decide to get married after the first date, says Martiniussen.


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