Petter Northug, Stina Nilsson | Northug received a shocking visit from Stina Nilsson: – I thought I had suppressed it

ALNABRU (Nettavisen): Charlotte Kalla is currently working on the book “Skam den som ger sig”. In the book, she tells several little-known stories after a long life in the cross-country circus.

Among other things, Kalla talks about what life was like when they traveled the world attending World Cup races and various inventions they came up with along the way.

The former skier says Swedish teammates Jennie Öberg and Stina Nilsson were good at coming up with fun ideas and challenges to create entertainment when they were on tour.

And it was probably one of the two who came up with the idea during a World Cup weekend in Canada in 2016, to which Kalla dedicated a space in his book. The idea was that all Swedish riders placed in the top ten were given a task to complete.

All they had to do was knock on the door of a foreign star and greet them. It wasn’t enough to knock on the door and say hello. And this is where the name Petter Northug comes into play.

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– I thought I had suppressed it

Stina Nilsson’s task was to knock on Northug’s door and give him flowers, Kalla writes in the book.

However, Nilsson, who is now a biathlete but at the time was one of the best cross-country skiers in the world, found no flowers to give to Northug in Canada. Thus, the Northug challenge was suspended.

However, Nilsson did not give up and, during a meeting in Norway a little later, she rented Northug’s house and showed up at his door with flowers, Kalla writes in the book. Northug laughed and thanked for the flowers, she writes further.

Nettavisen felt compelled to confront Northug with Kalla’s story. Nilsson’s surprise visit was almost forgotten, but after thinking about it for a few seconds, Northug can confirm the story.

– There was something about some flowers, yes. I quickly realized it was bullshit, so I did it. I think I had almost suppressed it, but when you say it, there was something there, says Northug when he meets Nettavisen at the launch of a new collaboration with “NetOnNet”.

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– Even if something was wrong

Northug admits he was a little discouraged when Nilsson showed up at his door, but he thinks he immediately realized there was some mischief going on.

– I didn’t understand what it was. But as soon as she gave me the flowers, I realized something was wrong, so I started looking around to see if anyone was cheating, he said.

According to Northug, such banter between runners was not commonplace.

– No, it wasn’t very complicated. It was actually a bit solid and boring. But I suppose that Stina Nilsson, in her youth, contributed greatly to inventing nonsense, he says.

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I had to knock on the Russian’s door

Kalla may have been given an even more difficult task than Nilsson. She had to knock on the door of the Russian Alexander Legkov and try on a “one piece” who was constantly seen walking around the dining room.

– With my heart pounding and my nerves on edge, I knocked on his door at the hotel where all the runners were staying. Legkov looked quite surprised when I stood in front of his door, Kalla writes in the book.

However, the Russian quickly realized that something was happening. Kalla was exposed by her teammates who weren’t hiding particularly well.

– He understood what we were doing and let me try his onepiece, Kalla said.

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