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Polish volleyball players have lost only twice out of 10 Nations League games this year. First, the Biało-Czerwoni succumbed in Ottawa to the current European champions, that is to say the Italians, then, during the inauguration of the competition in Gdańsk, they were beaten by Iran .

League of Nations. Where is Poland ranked?

Following Thursday’s victory over China, Nikola Grbic’s men briefly took the lead. They were “dethroned” the very next day, when the French returned to first place after beating the Brazilians. Another reshuffle took place after the clashes between the Italians and the Serbs. The Italian team won three smooth sets and overtook both the Poles and the French.

The Habs opened a series of matches on Saturday in the Nations League. The French lost 1:3 to Argentina, so they lost the chance to overtake the Italians and take the lead over the Poles. So, if the Biało-Czerwoni win Saturday’s game against the Netherlands in four or three sets and find a favorable balance of the so-called small points, they will overtake the Italians.

The world champions should be careful though, as they are only one point ahead of Japan and three eyes ahead of the United States. The Land of the Rising Sun national team will also play their match on Saturday, July 9 at 12:10 p.m. Polish time, they will face Germany. Earlier at The Americans started their game against Canada at 8:40.

Nations League 2022. Table

Square Crew Number of points Matches played Won Defeats
1. Italy 28 11 9 2
2. Poland 25 ten 8 2
3. France 25 11 8 3
4. Japan 24 ten 8 2
5. United States 22 ten 8 2
6. Brazil 21 11 seven 4
seven. the Netherlands 17 ten 6 4
8. Iran 17 11 6 5
9. Argentina 17 11 5 6
ten. Slovenia 15 11 5 6
11. Serbia 11 ten 4 5
12. Germany ten 11 4 seven
13. Bulgaria 9 11 2 9
14. China 6 ten 2 8
15. Canada 6 11 2 9
16. Australia 2 11 1 ten

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