Shocking scenes from the World Cup – here they provoke the goalkeeper

See the banner directed towards Borjan further down in the window!

Flags and banners made headlines throughout the WCs.

Last week it became known that Serbia opened disciplinary proceedings after a flag was photographed in their dressing room after the game against Brazil.

On the flag, you could see that Kosovo was part of Serbia, which infuriated the Kosovars.

There have also been several incidents where Iranians have been refused to bring redacted versions of their flag into the arenas of Qatar.

On Sunday, a new incident appeared.

After the match between Croatia and Canada, a photo spread on social networks.

The photo shows Serbian-Canadian goalkeeper Milan Borjan. Behind him hangs a flag that reads “Knin 95 – Nothing Runs Like Borjan”.

According to him, Borjan also received more than 2,500 inflammatory messages on the phone after the match.

The story behind the meaning of the banner needs an explanation.

He was eight years old when he had to flee his hometown

Knin was a Serb-dominated city before the Yugoslav wars broke out in 1991. 70% of the inhabitants were Serbs.

When the Croatian War broke out, the Croats living in the town were driven out. Knin was the capital of the unilaterally declared state of the Republic of Serbian Krajina, which was within the borders of Croatia.

During the war, Knin was controlled by the Serbs and the Croats struggled to gain control of the city. In 1995, they succeeded. Then Croatian forces intervened and took control of the town.

The Serb inhabitants had to flee. One of those who fled was Canadian goalkeeper Milan Borjan.

At the age of eight, he and his family had to flee to the Serbian capital, Belgrade.

There’s the symbolism behind “Nothing Runs Like Borjan”, which was on the banner.

VICTORY: Josko Gvardiol celebrates with two-goal striker Andrej Kramaric. Photo: Nathan Denette

The city, which before the war was dominated by 70% Serbs, never became what it was. In 2010, 76% of the inhabitants were Croats, only 21% were of Serbian origin.

After the war, several war crimes in Knin, both on the Croatian and Serbian side, were uncovered and convicted.

Shouted inflammatory comments and bombed his cellphone

During the game, “Borjan is a Ustasja” was also shouted. A reference to a fascist Croatian organization that during World War II was behind genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The Ustasja was a separatist organization of Croatian fascists. They were behind the murder of several hundred thousand Serbs, as well as thousands of Gypsies and Jews.

– It shows how primitive people are. I have no comment to make on that. They should work on themselves and their families, they clearly have a frustration that they came here to vent, Borjan said after the game.

LOSING: Canada charmed many at the World Cup, but now they're out.  Photo: ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT

LOSING: Canada charmed many at the World Cup, but now they’re out. Photo: ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT

Several Croats would have reacted after Borjan made one interview in April where he said he was born in the Republic of Serbian Krajina. The state that tried to secede from Croatia.

The goalkeeper was also able to tell that his mobile number was leaked in Croatia during the game. Which he says resulted in 2,500 inflammatory messages.

Croatian player Bruno Petkovic showed his support for Borjan after the match.

– Opposition fans have attacked me a lot during my career and it’s not nice. It’s the dark side of football, Petkovic said after the game.

Borjan also says he has no intention of pursuing the case.

– It’s useless. They are children who show that they don’t know what it was like, that says it all.

– Congratulations Croatian players. They behaved like gentlemen, says Borjan.

Flag waving causes a stir: – You can’t do it

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