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Joshua Reade (31) is issuing a stark warning to others, after ending up in hospital after a day at the beach.

This is written by the Jam Press news agency.

– I didn’t know why though

On a beautiful sunny day earlier this month, Joshua decided to take a trip to Bournemouth beach.

He wasn’t particularly worried about the hot sun.

– I just enjoyed the sun. After a while, my ear started tingling. We went back to the car and I forgot about it, he said.

punished for that

A few days later, the 31-year-old is in unbearable pain.

– I was very ill for three days, and I didn’t understand why. But then I started getting blisters on my lips and ears. Then I realized it was due to my trip to the beach, he says.

– Ended up in the hospital

And rightly so: Joshua had been badly sunburned in the face.

– I ended up in the hospital. They said I had third degree burns and solar eczema, he explains.

When you get a sunburn, you have an acute inflammation of the skin, which causes symptoms such as redness and swelling, blistering and peeling. In addition, one may experience pain and possibly itching, depending on The pocket doctor.

Family dog ​​stabbed to death

Family dog ​​stabbed to death

– A sunburn is normally defined as a first-degree burn, but can become more severe if you continue to expose yourself to the sun, the website says.

– Ruined Sydenferia

The sun’s UV radiation causes direct damage to skin cells, giving us sunburn. The same UV radiation causes us to tan when we sunbathe.

– The brown color is actually partly due to the body’s attempt to counter cellular damage caused by UV rays by increasing the concentration of the pigment melanin in the skin, which can absorb harmful UV rays, they write.

Solar eczema, also called sun allergy or sun poisoning, carries the medical term polymorphic mild exanthema The pocket doctor.

– Many holidays in the south have been ruined by eczema with itching and sleepless nights after sudden contact with the sun, they write.

May arrive after several days

Solar eczema is described as a harmless but bothersome reaction of the skin to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The reaction may occur some time after the skin has been exposed to the sun – from a few hours to a day or two.

– The rash can have very variable expressions, consisting of flat or raised red dots, spots and blisters of varying appearance and size. The itch is pronounced, the website further informs.

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The 31-year-old says the pain lasted for a week and a half and says it was very painful and uncomfortable.

– I have never experienced anything so painful, he said.

Warn others

The young Briton took over ICT Tac warn the others, and the reactions were not long in coming.

– My God, it happened to me when I was on vacation. It was absolutely awful. Hope you are doing well, wrote one.

– It looks so painful, writes another.

– Ouchhhhhhh, writes a third.

– Use sunscreen EVERY day, writes a fourth.

Warns pregnant women: - Had to be removed

Warns pregnant women: – Had to be removed

It’s a message that Joshua also now supports:

– I strongly advise you to use sunscreen with an index of 50, and a product to protect your lips from the sun. It’s so important to take care of yourself and your skin, he says.

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