Start a new business for 20 year olds


Kompani Lauritsen will help young adults accelerate their adult life.

After teasing the Norwegian celebrity in a closed order and obstacle course, TV 2 comes with a grant for the reality series “Kompani Lauritsen”. In the version that will be recorded in the spring of 2022, however, it is not celebrities who will wear uniforms, but 20-year-olds who are struggling to cope with adulthood.

– There are many young people who struggle to find a place for themselves in the ranks of adults, who struggle to complete their studies, to keep a job or more generally to adapt to the norms and rules of society. Through this program, they will have the opportunity to rediscover themselves, which hopefully will give them a fresh start when they go out again, explains host Dag Otto Lauritzen in a press release.

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Lauritzen tells VG he means others will benefit from the experience of the armed forces.

– It will be for most people and I always believed that the year I was in the armed forces helped shape me as a human being, says Lauritzen.

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