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There has been a lot of noise and turmoil in Sweden over the past few days. The reason is a Danish policeman called Rasmus Paludan. He is a right-wing extremist and held election meetings last week. At many meetings, he burns the Koran. He created anger and chaos.

Tuesday night was calm, says Johnny Gustafsson. He is the press contact for the police.

– It was even a quieter night than usual, he said.

The dispute has created a new debate about foreigners for Sweden. Lars Hovbakke Sørensen thinks this will help right-wing political parties. There is a party that wants stricter policies against foreigners. Sørensen is a lecturer and policy expert.

– The debate on foreigners will strengthen the Swedish democrats, says Hovbakke.

He also believes that some left-wing parties can get more votes. He says those getting the same number of votes are the Liberals and the Christian Democrats.

– They rarely make hard choices when things like this happen, he says.

On the right, he also believes that moderates can benefit from the debate.

– The Swedish Democrats and the Moderates are parties of law and order. They will therefore probably get more votes before the elections, says Sørensen.

He thinks it will be difficult for Magdalena Andersson and her party, the Social Democrats. Anderson is prime minister.

– It’s difficult to be in power, because then you have a share of responsibility in development, says Sørensen.

Andersson said the noise was an attack on democratic values.

Brief on the subject

  • There has been a lot of noise and turmoil in Sweden over the past week.
  • A Danish expert believes that right-wing parties will get more votes as a result of the dispute.

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