– The dream has been hiding there for all these years, but life has taken me on another path

SO NOVEL ‎| Mona Elisabeth Brøther worked as a diplomat and Norwegian ambassador to Chile, Venezuela and Canada: – Because I wrote reports and political analyzes as well as bureaucratic texts for many years, I found it difficult to finding my own literary voice.


Mona Elisabeth Brother (71)

  • Occupation: Diplomat
  • Education: Cand.mag UiO, apprentice course of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Residence: Oslo, in Ullevål
  • In progress with the book: “Nomads in life”
  • Editor: LIFE

What is the short story collection about?

– These are situations and people on the edge of existence, where the margins are narrow. Lots of South America.

Was there something in your own life or present that gave you the idea to write it?

– As a Norwegian diplomat and ambassador to Chile, Venezuela and Canada. I am also inspired by Latin American magical realism. I think a lot of Norwegian literature revolves around our own little navels.

What do you want to convey with your news?

– The form of the short story gives me the opportunity to show parts of a reality, as a good painting does. Between the lines, the reader must imagine a rough political context and choices that must be made, wanted or forced. I also let this life be seen through the eyes of animals, in some texts.

Do your short stories come about shortly after you have an idea, or can you work on a short story for several years?

– Both. I have a lot of material lying around, but I spend time finding the angle and section like I talked about above. But if I have it in place, I write very quickly.

Is there something particular that characterizes your way of working?

– I cut and go over a lot, because I am a verbose person.

Why a short story and not a novel?

– Once the short story is finished, you manage to finish it! But there may well be longer formats in the next project.

Who inspired you to become the best writer you can be and why?

– I am an omnivorous reader and I discovered Latin American literature very early on, also through my Spanish studies. And American and Canadian literature has great stars to whom I would like to return.

– Because I wrote reports and political analyzes as well as bureaucratic texts for many years, I struggled to find my own literary voice. There I received good help from the online Skriveakademiet.

When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?

– The dream has been hiding there for all these years, but life has taken me on a different path. As a retiree, I regained consciousness and rediscovered the pleasure of writing that I fortunately acquired from childhood.

Name one person you hope will read the book and why?

– Oh, there are many! I really admire writers such as Jan Kjærstad, Erlend Loe, Maja Lunde and Tor Åge Bringsvær. And connoisseurs of Latin America, like Erling Borgen.

Is there a book you would recommend others read, and why?

– For the few who haven’t, Sigrid Undsets Kristin Lavransdatter.

What book are you reading yourself at the moment?

– Now I read Go water the flowers in the evening by V. Perrin. Special, original and fascinating. And very French!

If you had to choose?

Jon Fosse -Dag Solstad

Cappuccino – Filter coffee

Journal on paper – Online news

Today’s affairs – Class struggle

The rolling stones – The Beatles

Bike – Scooter

Taylor Swift – Lady Gaga

Non-fiction – Fiction

Read a book – Listen to the book

By the sea – On the mountain

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