The ‘Last of Us’ finale attracted 8.2 million viewers — and there may be two new seasons

At the same time, report Variety that the first six episodes of “The Last of Us” were seen by an average of 30.4 million viewers – while the first episode reached an audience of 40 million viewers in total.

The post-apocalyptic series “The Last of Us”, based on a video game, has become the most watched series in the history of HBO Max in Europe and South America.

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Here too in Norway, the series has been a great success: in a press release published on Tuesday, Warner Bros. The discovery of “The Last of Us” broke previous viewership records on HBO Max in Norway and is the most watched on HBO Max in Norway ever.

Shortly after the first two episodes of season one were released in January, HBO ordered season two. Now there are many indications that there will also be a third season:

Series creators Caig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have, according to Variety, confirmed that the second part of the video game will span more than just a second season in television format.

-There’s more than one season, Druckmann, who was also the video game director, told GQ, while Mazin wouldn’t be tempted to confirm how many seasons there may be. But Mazin said season two would “in no way” embrace the full plot of the video game’s second part.


The giraffe seen in the ninth and final episode of “The Last of Us” was not created in CGI, but is called Nabo (13 years old) and lives daily in the zoo in Alberta, Canada.
Photo: HBO Max

Video game fans had to wait seven years for “The Last of Us: Part II,” where the story of Ellie and Joel continues. Part Two tells a larger, more complex story than Part One – with more characters, flashbacks, and action. When it comes to streaming series, there may be a two-year waiting period.


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Druckmann and Mazin think it’s normal for viewers to react with frustration at having to wait to see how Ellie (Bella Ramsay) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) fare after a final episode, “Look for The Light,” at both violent and with an open ending, directed by Swedish-Iranian Ali Abbasi (“Holy Spider”).

– I agree with that. It’s anger brought on by desire and expectation, Mazin says.

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