The Norwegian Environment Agency shares four tips for you to succeed with video on social media

– It is because we have failed so many times that we are succeeding now.

– To use the Paradise Hotel math a bit, a good movie is 50% sound, 50% image and 50% story.

So says Halvor Pritzlaff Njerve, who is a visual communication advisor at the Urban Environment Agency of the Municipality of Oslo.

The Norwegian Environment Agency has been making its mark on social media in recent years and on Tuesday shared its top tips on how to succeed with video in social media.

– Go straight to the point!

And the most important of the most important is the estimate.

– If people are not involved from the start, they have already given up, says Njerve.

He says you have to go straight to the point and then you can think about who, what, where.

– You must serve what interests people, what you think people think is most important first. Then you can come down and talk about where you are. It’s not important to pitch why you’re making a video, you have to cut to the chase, he says.

You probably learned about fish as a starting point for how to work, with estimates, a main part, and a conclusion.

– The fish is dead, long live the fish. Now we have to construct the video in a completely different way than what we were taught to do, he says.

Njerve says video well done is employer branding, reputation building, strategic communication, educational and entertaining.

At the same time, he is fully aware that it is not a good idea to make a video just to make a video.

– What do you want?

– Think about what is in this idea that makes it a good video? It’s okay to say no. You have to take a no for a no, but give them an alternative. But the alternative is not video if we don’t believe in it, he says.

– It is always the content that trumps everything. If we don’t have a good idea, we shouldn’t make this post or this video, you shouldn’t make a video because a video is a video. What do we mean? he asks.

It is also clear that it is not the equipment that is important, it is enough to use the smartphone and a wireless microphone.

– We succeed when we manage to tell stories that would never be the same without vivid images. The video is best when it’s at its best, but also completely ass when it’s ass, he thinks.

Share four tips

The Municipal Environment Agency of the Municipality of Oslo currently has 150,000 social media followers. But why are they so successful now?

– It is because we have failed so many times that we are succeeding now, he said.

And video is by no means the answer to everything:

– If you make a lot of bad videos, it’s worse than having a lot of good photo posts.

Her four tips for those who want to succeed with social media videos are:

* Get the most important things first

* Record outside. It’s annoying to see people in the office. Instead, show uniqueness.

* Good sound is important. But add text. It’s not just universal design, but people like to watch when people are on a bus or train.

* Do something active, even if it’s just walking and talking

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