TikTok integration with Ticketmaster also in the Netherlands and Belgium

TikTok integration with Ticketmaster also in the Netherlands and Belgium

Since last August, US TikTok users have been able to purchase concert tickets without leaving the app. TikTok has now rolled out integration with Ticketmaster in 20 more countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium.

The collaboration between Ticketmaster and TikTok is expected to create an even deeper connection with artists. Users from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Mexico, Finland, Italy, Australia, Canada, from Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland and Great Britain can now purchase concert tickets. . directly in the app to buy.

During beta testing, successful campaigns were reportedly launched featuring Niall Horan, Burna Boy and Shania Twain. According to TikTok, more than 2.5 billion videos featuring concert features have been viewed.

TikTok has been working with other partners for years to increase the appeal of the social media app. There are already collaborations with Snapchat, Spotify and YouTube. The next double edition of Entertainment Business and EB Live features an in-depth interview with Thomas Cerha, Head of Music Operations, France and Benelux at TikTok.

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