Was going to drive the truck – got stuck vertically

On Wednesday morning, a truck driver was just supposed to unload a load and then drive down the highway in Canada.

It didn’t quite go to plan, and the driver ended up having a bad day at work, when the truck got stuck vertically in a bridge.

He writes CTV Toronto News.

Unknown what happened

The trailer driver forgot to lower the loading platform after unloading contents from a nearby construction site and continued with the container upright.

The driver then crashed into a bridge crossing Highway 401 in Mississauga shortly before 7:30 a.m., according to the Ontario Provincial Police.

– The crate was lifted, and it stalled during the passage and it is empty. He got stuck in the concrete in the left lane, police told CTV News.

BRIDGE: The cargo plane was stuck in a transition that suffered property damage. Photo: Jam Press Video

It is unclear why the cargo plane was still upright when the driver attempted to drive during the transition.

Driver in charge

The eastbound express lanes were closed as crews worked to remove the cargo plane with a crane.

Police say no injuries were reported as a result of the incident, but the bridge suffered property damage.

After the police reported the incident on their Twitter profileseveral comments came on the somewhat special event.

Many wonder, among other things, how it is possible to forget to lower the loading platform before hitting the road.

“My car has so many sensors it knows if I’ve farted, but truckers don’t know if their bed is up?” writes one.

Others claim that the trucks lack several safety features that may be important, while some believe that a defect in the car may be the cause.

“Truck makers are years behind the technology,” wrote another on Twitter.

The truck driver is now charged with jamming the cargo plane into the bridge, but the content of the charge has not yet been made public.

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