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A feather in the hat of Norwegian diplomacy

Researcher Asle Toje calls Norway’s victory in Wednesday’s UN vote “the pinnacle of Norwegian diplomacy”. Researcher Asle Toje says Norwegian diplomats have put in a considerable number of working hours to secure Norway a place on the UN Security Council.

Mélanie Joly begins a tour in Eastern Europe

(Ottawa) Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly is visiting Eastern Europe as part of an effort to strengthen Canada’s ties with countries on Russia’s periphery. Dylan RobertsonThe Canadian Press His trip to Slovenia, North Macedonia and Albania follows the commitment of

Commentary: China pulls the strings

By Olav Odegard Commentator in VG. Former foreign journalist and correspondent of VG in the USA. Writes primarily on international affairs. Photo: Design: Roar Hagen To become the most powerful superpower in the world, China must build a new world