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Canadian wildfires shut down American sports

Americans must suspend several sporting events following forest fires in Canada. Air quality is particularly bad in New York. The first running of this year’s Belmont Stakes had to be postponed. Photo: Julio Cortez, File/AP/NTB See more Published: 06/09/2023 11:45

Church fires and false graves

JOURNALIST Herøy church on fire, 1998Photo: Kathrine Sund-Henriksen / Ectoras / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0) Sympathy for groups that have been abused throughout history can lead to jumping to conclusions based on clear moral discourse, which can have serious

A feather in the hat of Norwegian diplomacy

Researcher Asle Toje calls Norway’s victory in Wednesday’s UN vote “the pinnacle of Norwegian diplomacy”. Researcher Asle Toje says Norwegian diplomats have put in a considerable number of working hours to secure Norway a place on the UN Security Council.