Celine Dion is seriously ill – has to cancel several concerts

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is seriously ill – has to cancel several concerts

In a very personal message on Instagram, superstar Celine Dion says she has to cancel many concerts due to illness.

After learning that Celine Dion had health problems in October 2021, the artist was very discreet, which canceled many shows and has not appeared in public for a long time.

The star kept her cards close to her chest regarding a possible diagnosis, but she was open that it involved severe, long-lasting muscle spasms that left her unable to perform.

In a recent Instagram post, she updates her fans somewhat.

– I struggled with health problems for a long time, and it was very difficult for me to face these challenges and to talk about all that I went through, says Celine Dion in a video.

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“Stiff Person Syndrome”

She also shares that doctors have concluded that she has a type of connective tissue disease called “stiff person syndrome”, which is a rare neurological condition with increasing stiffness and cramping, especially in the legs. back muscles. In Norwegian, the syndrome is often called autoimmune stiffness syndrome.

The disease can be treated with, among other things, muscle relaxants and immunotherapy, but it is not known if Celine Dion has received any.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like she’s on the mend yet, and she keeps canceling appearances.

– I’m also incredibly sorry that I can’t start the European tour in February as planned, says Céline, who is moving all the spring shows from 2023 to 2024, and at the same time canceling eight of the summer shows scheduled for 2023.

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