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China wants to control the Chinese who have moved abroad. Therefore, they established unofficial police stations in a number of countries. 230,000 Chinese have been “persuaded” to return home, according to Chinese authorities.

– I thought I was safe here, but they follow me everywhere.

This is what Wang Ingyu told the Dutch television company RTL News.

Wang fled China three years ago after fighting China’s abuse of power in Hong Kong, writes post office. Although he has been granted asylum in the Netherlands, he does not feel safe.

Earlier this year, he received a phone call. The man who called said he worked at the Chinese “police station” in Rotterdam.

– He said I should go back to China to sort out my problems. Then he said I should think about my parents, Wang said.

Wang was attacked with a knife and his parents were reportedly arrested in China. He is not an isolated case.

according a report of the human rights organization Safeguard Defenders, the Chinese police have at least 50 offices in nearly 30 countries, including Sweden, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Canada and the United States.

The offices are called “Utlandet 110”. He plays on the fact that 110 is the emergency number for home police in China.

China has established such police stations without informing the countries where the offices are located. China also had an impact on the elections in the United States.

When Yan Xiong, a pastor and Iraq War veteran, lost a Democratic primary ahead of midterm elections earlier this year, he had no doubt who was to blame: Chinese Communist Party police operating in New York.

– I couldn’t raise any money, adds Yan New York Post.

– I used my own money because they pressured everyone in the community to stay away from me to sink my campaign. And they succeeded.

Another candidate, a father of seven, was also tempted to be expelled from politics when Chinese police officers hired a prostitute to destroy his political career.

They also threatened to beat him so badly he would have to withdraw his candidacy, according to an indictment filed by the Justice Department earlier this year.

In Stockholm, the police are stationed at a hotel a little outside the city center, according to the Safeguard Defenders report. In Rotterdam and Amsterdam, they must be located in residential areas. No Chinese “police station” has so far been found in Norway.

– We have not found anywhere where such stations in Norway are mentioned, and we have not seen anything indicating that the station in Stockholm offers its “services” to people in Norway, says Jing-Jie Chen of Safeguard Defenders at Aftenposten.

This is also confirmed by the Chinese Embassy in Norway, which also claims that these police stations were established “to meet the needs of overseas Chinese, especially the elderly, to help them connect to search services, such as driving license renewal”. “.

They are Chinese volunteers, not Chinese police, the embassy says.

Chinese authorities are not keeping the matter secret.

On January 22, a director of the security bureau in Fuzhou, a city in southeastern China, announced that they had opened the first of 30 planned police stations. The goal was to establish such stations in 25 cities in 21 countries, the director said.

To Swedish TV4 says international law expert Ove Bring that China’s activities violate international law.

– According to international law, a State must refrain from acting as a public police force on the territory of another State. You can only do that if you have the consent of the state in question, but that’s not the case here at all, Bring says.

The Chinese Embassy in Sweden also rejects the criticism and uses much the same argument as the Norwegian Embassy. and other countries where China has established such police stations.

One of the tasks is to persuade Chinese people who have committed crimes to return to China. These are quite brutal methods: the Chinese exiles recount, among other things, threats to imprison their parents or that younger members of the family are denied an education.

China is succeeding in its menacing enterprise. Between April 2021 and July 2022, a total of 230,000 Chinese citizens were persuaded to return to China. These are not only real Chinese criminals, but also critics and opponents, perceived by the Chinese authorities as criminals.

Major German Newspaper Exposes China’s Secret Propaganda

The FBI Responds

FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared before the Senate National Security Committee last week.

– I have to be careful when I talk about investigations that concern us. But to me, it’s shocking that the Chinese police move into, for example, New York without this being coordinated, said Wray.

According to Wray, Chinese police stations are breaking the rules of international police cooperation.

The development has sparked concerns and reactions in several countries. Recently written The Financial Times that “the alarm has gone off in Europe”. Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra says Chinese activity totally unacceptable, writes newspaper It’s Parol.

The Irish Foreign Office also reacted, demanding that the Chinese close his police station in Ireland.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is spreading its tentacles around the world in various ways, including through the vast Belt & Road project, which has also had its influence in neighboring Sweden.

The power struggle between China and a post-WWII US-led Western hegemon is heating up, but only one team has shown up for battle.

China seems to be facing a simple task. Large parts of the West are razing their own economy and national cohesion through woke hysteria, supranational organizations and hugely costly and unnecessary climate measures.

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