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(Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad) This year, school will be school and vacation will be vacation. As an actor, such things have to take a back seat when big summer performances are staged almost at home.

Both Knut Harald and Madikken took time off from school and sacrificed part of their summer vacation to pursue their great passion. Both say they love life in the theater and find it absolutely fantastic to be able to participate in this show.

– As actors, we are even paid to participate, says Knut Harald Lileng proudly.

The young boy from Skjeberg attends school in Horne and has worked for several years at the Children’s and Youth Theater in Villekulla. He has participated in several music videos and sang for well-known artists on “Allsang på grensen”.

Knut Harald also dubs films and series for NRK Super and Netflix.

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Lots of routine

Playing the role of Annika is Madikken Nilsen from Gressvik outside Fredrikstad. At 14, she already has a long acting career.

– I often go straight from school to rehearsals, she says.

Madikken started at the Fredrikstad Children and Youth Theater five years ago. Last year she took part in the show “Lucky Olav” at the Landeparken.

Here you can see a video of the rehearsals in the ruins park.

Several hundred lines

They are now in full swing with preparations for the musical version of “Pippi Longstocking” which will be performed at the Ruinparken of the Borgarsyssel Museum in June. In total there are 14 children from Halden, Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad.

– This has to be the coolest summer job ever, Lileng said with a small smile around her mouth.

Rehearsals began at the end of April. They had weekends and red days off.

– We usually rehearse for seven to eight hours, explains Malin Schavenius, producer and director of the show.

According to the young actors, they participate in all but one scene. The signs are starting to appear. Neither of them has complete control over how many lines they have, but they both agree that there are several hundred.

These are the actors

  • Pippi: Sanne Kvitnes
  • Ms. Prysselius: Monica Hjelle from Fredrikstad
  • Tommy Annika: Knut Harald Lileng and Madiken Nilsen
  • Larsson and Klang (Police) Hilde Lyrån and Anette Amelia Hoff Larsen
  • Dunder and Blom: Kevin Haugan and Aina Gundersen
  • Miss: Anna Mathilda Bonnevier
  • Captain Longstocking: Knut Erik Rønne
  • Strong Adolf – Eivind Guldteig

Possible tradition

The show “Pippi Longstocking” is the first performance staged by Scenefabrikken. The goal is that every two years they present a show with professional artists on all stages, mainly in front of an audience of children and their families.

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