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Editor-in-chief Trine Eilertsen writes in Aftenpodden that the political support given to the ABC clinic is “despicable”. She suggests that we have embarked on a populist campaign led by strong-speaking women, without having really studied the issue. This is repeated in the leadership position. I have to ask if it’s not Aftenposten taking the easy way out.

The Storting decided that we would have one differentiated maternity care. This is not a “luxury” as many claim, but a well-founded priority.

Studies show that low-risk units are best for healthy women with an expected normal delivery. This way we avoid unnecessary interventions and medical resources can be directed to those who need them.

Natural births are cheap. But the hospital receives, through performance-based funding, more money from the state for complicated deliveries. Quality measures such as fewer cesareans and tears translate into smaller “gains.” “Gains” for the hospital, but expenses for the State.

The midwifery crisis will not be solved by spreading ABC Midwifery beyond other departments. Several have resigned, so the situation at the hospital is now worse than before. The heart of the crisis in the midwifery profession lies in the fact that working conditions in large maternity hospitals are so demanding that midwives cannot bear to work there. It is THE the hospital needs to solve the problem, not by shutting down ABC, but by learning from ABC.

The business model was never intended for hospitals to be run according to political goals and guidelines. I therefore hope that the opposition will unite to save ABC, as the Liberal Party has proposed to the Storting.

Marit Kristine Vea, vice-president and spokesperson for environmental policy of the Oslo City Council Venstre group.
Liberal Party group leader on the environment and transport committee.

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