Marie (5) lost her bathing shoe at grandmother’s house: found it on the beach at grandmother’s house – 2 km away

Marie lost a crocodile while swimming at her grandmother and grandfather’s house in Åros. Eleven days later they appeared – in grandmother and grandfather’s hut, 2 km as the crow flies.


It was Review of Røyken and Hurum who first wrote on the subject.

Since Marie loves swimming, it’s only natural to own a pair of pink crocs with matching unicorn decorations, for playing in the water and bathing.

The five-year-old and the rest of the family – Hedda (3), Carl Christian (1) and her parents Julie and Carl Phillip – were on holiday with their grandmother and grandfather in Åros, the Oslofjord, when she lost one of her children. his fangs on the beach.

This summer, they were first going to visit dad Carl Phillip’s parents, before heading to the mountains. After a few days in the highlands, they returned to the Oslofjord and visited their grandmother and grandfather in Bjerkøya.

After packing up their belongings from Åros, the family discovered that one of the family’s eldest crocodiles was missing. They looked at the water’s edge near the cabin, since Marie said she had lost it there, but in vain.

– “Yes, yes, then it’s probably lost,” we think, says mom Julie.

FAMILY HOLIDAY IN OSLOFJORD: The family of five spent the holidays with grandmother and grandfather in Åros and with grandmother and grandfather in Bjerkøya.  The Crocsen sailed on its own sea between the two places.

– My shoe sailed

Marie loves pink shoes with unicorns, but she had to do without them on a mountain excursion.

After a few days in the mountains, the family made the trip to Bjerkøya, where grandmother and grandfather have a cabin.

– We had forgotten all about the crocodile, but there, on the beach at the southern tip of Bjerkøya, it was there. We immediately recognized him thanks to the unicorn, says Julie.

– My shoe sailed completely away from my grandmother and grandfather’s cabin to my grandmother and grandfather’s cabin. It’s a bit strange, but also very funny, Marie said happily to VG after the reunion with the bath slipper.

According to Julie, there are 2 miles as the crow flies between the two cabins, where the crocodile had made its journey.

SHOCKING DISCOVERY: After eleven days of

– Pretty amazing

The shoes had been missing for eleven days and were living their own lives in the Oslofjord, before their rightful owner found the crocodiles.

– The distance may also be longer, depending on the route. If I had driven a boat at a speed of 20 knots, it would have taken me about 25 minutes from Åros to Bjerkøya, explains Carl Philip.

The family of five is vacationing in two locations in the Oslofjord, and this summer it turns out that a fair amount of luck allowed Marie to recover the missing crocodile.

– It’s pretty incredible that we found it, and what’s special is that the shoe was lost at Carl Philip’s parents’ house, and found at my parents’ house, said Julie.

Marie can now walk again in what is a real pair of Crocs:

– I was happy when they were found, and now I can walk with them for the rest of the summer!

REUNITED: Marie is happy to now be able to move around on the beach with the pink fangs.

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