Oslo removes meat from all municipal preschools

Oslo City Council adopted a plan on Wednesday that food served in the municipality’s leisure clubs, AKS and kindergartens must be meat-free.

– We know that eating a little less meat is one of the cheapest and most effective climate measures we have, says financial advisor Einar Wilhelmsen (MDG) to NRK.

On Wednesday, the Oslo city council adopted an action plan for sustainable, healthy and more plant-based food.

– Only one in five people receive five per day. But I think most people agree with me that it’s rare to hear of children eating too few sausages, says Wilhelmsen.

It clarifies that parents are not prohibited from having meat in their children’s food packages.

The abolition of meat service in all municipal kindergartens is one of the 47 measures in the plan.

Other measures include the introduction of at least three meat-free days in all municipal canteens and a free, meat-free meal every day in all high schools from 2023. The measures against meat are not do not apply to retirement homes.

Hassan Nawaz from Høyre criticizes the introduction of a ban and says he is in favor of freedom of choice when it comes to diet. He still doesn’t want to speculate on whether a new bourgeois city council could reverse the ban.


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