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Police action after airgun shooting in Trondheim – author released

Photo: Anneli Isaksen / TV 2

Police are at the scene following a report of gunfire in a densely built-up area on Valentinlyst in Trondheim, police report on Twitter. A multi-resource operation is underway and police at one point asked the public to stay away from the area.

Operations manager Arnt Harald Aaslund said police received a report earlier on Friday that shots were fired from a balcony in the area. When police arrived at the scene to investigate further, they discovered that shots had been fired again.

– As we arrive on the scene, the patrol notices that shots are fired, tells the operations manager to TV 2.

No new shots have been fired since police arrived at the scene. The police have now entered the apartment in question, but the residents have then disappeared.

– We are working to locate those who fired, project manager Solveig Eide told TV 2 after inspecting the building.

She points out that it is now safe to stay in the area.

– We have taken control of the area. Now there will be further investigation while we try to sort this out, adds the project manager.

Over the past week, neighbors have reported several instances of shooting in the area. The head of mission sees these shots in connection with the air force which was dismissed on Friday.

– There is no major damage that we managed to capture. There are a few bullet holes and minor damage in the area, but we have not received any reports of people being shot, Eide concludes.

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