Railroad workers: Get support from workers in other industries for our fight against Congress, the carriers and the corrupt union bureaucracy!

Norfolk Southern Railroad Depot in Atlanta on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. [Foto: AP Photo / Danny Karnik] [AP Photo/Danny Karnik]

Fight for control of the aircraft on the ground! Join the Railroad Base Committee by emailing railwrfc@gmail.comor text to (314) 529-1064, or fill in the form below the article.

Rank and file railroad workers’ committee launches campaign to build support for railwaymen, American railroad workers, workers from all over the country and the rest of the world. We urge all of our fellow workers to join in our struggle to build bonds of solidarity and unity among workers in all industries and trades, to put us in the best position to fight threats of injunctions from the Congress and sabotage by the union bureaucracy.

BMWED, the railway maintenance workers’ union, last week announced a further extension of the “status quo”, after consulting Labor Minister Marty Walsh – but not railway workers. In a statement worthy of George Orwell, the union called the delay necessary to ‘enlighten’ Congress, where both parties have indeed already drafted anti-strike legislation, but which the union says was too ‘distracted’ through the midterm elections to support the railway workers.

In a blatant lie, they insinuated that Congress must first pass legislation allowing us to strike, a claim that even Congress does not make. Finally, after months of the 12-union apparatus dividing workers by trade and forcing them to vote separately on identical contracts, they are now cynically claiming that the postponement will help unite maintenance workers with flagmen. and train crews.

But real unity is only possible through a struggle to mobilize the force of the earth plane against the apparatus, which is embroiled in a conspiracy with Congress and carriers [dvs. transportørene] impose the sales contract on us. To achieve this, we must tap into the enormous latent support of the working class, activate it, organize it and prepare for common action.

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