Rodríguez Saá slammed the door and left Frente de Todos without a significant leg

Governor Saint Louis and encourages restructuring League of Governors, Alberto Rodriguez Cha, revealed that the reunion ended significantly as “it started to disintegrate and became a social club” and that they only functioned “to look good with everyone”. Furthermore, he warned that “it’s 2019”, which suggested uniting Peronism, as “Oh, 2019” turned out to be because of what it means for the country, as “two smart people driving the same car won’t go anywhere.”

“Crack is one side of the same coin. The only side Christina And this is the other side macriBut money is material The International Monetary FundHunger, unemployment and underemployment… And those who don’t chronicle don’t have a voice, it’s very difficult,” he added.

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