Sweden classifies monkeypox as a dangerous disease for the public – Dagsavisen

– The classification gives access to the implementation of infection control measures with the aim of preventing further spread, said Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallgren in a press release.

The government’s decision comes after a request from the Norwegian Public Health Authority (FHM) on Thursday, when Sweden recorded its first case of the viral illness.

The fact that monkeypox is classified as a dangerous disease for the public means that the Swedish infection control law comes into force.

New cases

On Friday, several new cases of monkeypox were discovered in Europe, including eleven new cases in Britain.

– Most cases are mild, and I can confirm that we have obtained several doses of effective monkeypox vaccines, says Britain’s Health Minister Saijid Javid, according to Sky News.

On Friday, he had a meeting with the health ministers of the other G7 countries, where he briefed them on what they know about the situation so far.

France and Germany recorded their first cases on Friday.


Monkeypox is generally most prevalent in parts of central Africa. Illness resulting from the virus is usually not fatal, but often manifests as fever, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, chills, exhaustion, and a chickenpox-like rash on the hands and neck. face.

The virus is generally transmitted from animals to humans, but can also exceptionally be transmitted by close contact between humans. The infection can be transmitted sexually and, according to FHM, sexual contact poses a risk.

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