The War in Ukraine – Military Blogs: Death of a Great Russian General

– Major General Sergey Goryachev, Chief of Staff of the 35th Army, died on the Zaporizhzhya front. The military leader died in a missile attack, Kotenok wrote on Telegram on Tuesday.

The death has not been confirmed by independent sources, but major newspapers like CNN And Picture quotes the military blogger.

Goryachev was reportedly killed on June 12 following what Kotenok describes as an enemy missile attack.

– Heavy fighting erupted throughout the day along almost the entire line of military contact. The situation is difficult in the defense zone of the 60th and 37th brigades, writes Kotenok.

– War takes the best. The army today lost one of the most intelligent and efficient military leaders, who combined the highest professionalism with personal courage, Kotenok wrote on Telegram on Monday evening.

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