Two in three are planning a holiday in Norway this summer – most are going to Vestland

– You might think that most people want to go abroad this year because they haven’t had the chance to do so in a very long time, but that’s not the case, says general manager Kristin Krohn Devold from NHO Reiseliv.

1,025 people took part in the NHO Summer Vacation Survey, which was conducted by TNS Gallup. Here, 66% answered that they plan to spend their holidays in Norway.

By comparison, 58% said the same in 2019, the last “normal” summer before the pandemic.


The fact that so many people still want to vacation in Norway may be due to several things, believes Krohn Devold. Among other things, she points to the uncertainties linked to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the increase in costs. The much-discussed issue with passports may also be a contributing factor, she believes.

– That said, it is quite possible that we are seeing the start of a lasting trend where fewer people are traveling abroad and more people are choosing short-term holidays back home to Norway, says Krohn Devold.

Almost 40% responded that they were planning a holiday abroad this year, which is a decrease from 2019, when the percentage was 51.

Change of travel model?

In the survey, people were also asked if they would choose a holiday abroad or in Norway, if they had to select. Norway still responds the most – 49 percent.

– When we asked the same question in 2017 and 2018, the majority answered that they would have chosen abroad. Now we see a clear shift with more people reportedly choosing Norway than we’ve seen before, says Krohn Devold.

Then, the proportion of people preferring to go on holiday abroad was 50%, compared to 40% who wanted to spend their holidays in Norway.

Western Norway and Northern Norway at the top

This country’s favorite county is Vestland, which tops the list of counties most Norwegians consider adding to their holidays with a whopping 23%. Next comes Agder with 17% and Vestfold and Telemark with 17%.

Northern Norway is the part of the country that most people would have chosen if they had to choose a county. 16% would go to Nordland and 15% would choose Troms and Finnmark. 11% would go to Vestland and 10% to Møre and Romsdal.

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