UK schools to close due to poor condition

More than 150 British schools have been ordered to close school buildings deemed unsafe.

It comes shortly before the start of a new school year in the UK, sparking anger from parents and teachers.

– Authorities wasted months of valuable time covering up this crisis, time that should have been spent repairing unsafe school buildings, says union leader Mike Short of the Unison union.

156 schools are affected by the UK Department for Education’s decision to close school buildings because they are at risk of collapse.

The pain is thus deepening in the British education system, which is still struggling to recover from the consequences of school closures during the pandemic. This year, schools were also affected by a six-month school strike.

The perception that school facilities are collapsing adds to a series of challenges in the schools and education sector for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in the run-up to next year’s election.

Education Minister Gillian Keegan stresses that closing school buildings will not stop students from coming to school, as it mainly applies to smaller buildings. However, in some cases this applies to the whole school.


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