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On Wednesday evening, Trump participated in a town hall meeting with voters who identify as Republicans or Independents and will vote in the New Hampshire primary.

In the interview with the CNN reporter, the former president repeatedly repeated the undocumented claims that the election victory was stolen from him. This does not please many.

– A greatest hits album with lies, readings politicians description of the interview.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes writes that the TV channel’s choice to air the interview is “difficult to justify”, writes New York Times.

Trump’s interview aired the day after a jury in a civil trial found him guilty of sexual assault and defamation of author and journalist E. Jean Collins. Trump commented on the decision by repeating the claim that he never met Collins.

In retrospect, CNN did a self-criticism for the interview, in which Trump was interviewed for 70 minutes by veteran reporter Kaitlan Collins.

– Trump lied about the 2020 election. He took no responsibility for the Jan. 6 storming of Congress, which was sparked by the lies. And he scoffed at allegations of sexual abuse by E. Jean Carroll. And CNN aired it all. It continued over and over again. It was like reliving 2016, says one analysis the channel published.

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