Trudeau rules out coalition government after narrow election victory

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reaches out to all parties in the country, but rules out any government cooperation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau at the Liberal Party election vigil after the announcement of the election victory on Monday.

Trudeau said Wednesday the Liberal Party would consult with the leaders of Canada’s other parties about their priorities and how they can work together.

– There will be various discussions, but I can tell you that our plan is not to form any formal or informal coalition, he said.

After Monday’s election, the Liberal Party lost its majority in Canada’s National Assembly, but Prime Minister Trudeau will continue to govern in a minority government. The official result gives the Liberal Party 157 seats out of 338 in the House of Commons, compared to 177 in the previous period.

Climate activists incited

The new government will be installed on November 20 and, like the first government in 2015, this one will also be made up of an equal number of women and men.

Four years ago, Trudeau was considered a breath of fresh air in Canadian politics. But a lot has changed since he entered the crowd to take selfies with young prisoners. Among other things, Trudeau stirred up climate activists and indigenous peoples by greenlighting the construction of a controversial oil pipeline between Canada’s east and west coasts.

He is also accused of stopping a corruption investigation into a construction company operating in Libya, and earlier this year he sparked a heated debate over racism when old photos of him posing with brown face and a Aladdin costume, have been published.

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